Finger restoration

Joint reconstruction process is really complicated so according to this subject and by using remnant bone, a standard angle is created at each place of joint, with positive appearance and more ability to get objects, and it is shows the value of this operation. But the most important thing is about reconstruction fingers period time. At each increasing operation, bone length is usually grow just about two centimeters, and its take at least 5-6 months. And the device remains during this time and also there is limitation for fingers movement. Sometimes for getting better result we need more than 4 operations every 6 month. In the finger reconstruction process, especially for the last tip of finger, we need a long-term duration for treatment, and also its take time for follow-up sessions and device installation on the office. Sometimes, it is necessary to use bone graft. At the moment we are working on possibility of fingernail root transplantation from deceased and we reached good result in this case. In many cases, after the growth of the fingers, it is necessary to rebuild finger webbing, on independent operation and also we reached good result in this case. During the increasing period for fingers, as the height increases procedure, the patient needs good nutrition program and also good medication for Bone strengthening.